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Albos Technologies is a Software development company, established in pune. Albos Technologies is coming up as a new era software Development and App Development Company in Pune.

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  • Over the years, we have worked with Fortune 500s and brand-new startups. We help ambitious businesses like yours generate more profits by building awareness, driving web traffic, connecting with customers, and growing overall sales. Give us a call. We definitely are a budget-friendly App Development Company in Pune! Having superb expertise in Web design and development! 100% Safe OutSourced Development. We are in demand with Mobile App development, Website Development, UI/UX, Game Development, Customized Software Development and Digital Marketing.! Our services have made us one of the best mobile app development companies in India! We have a strong hand in Flutter, ReactNative, Nodejs, Reactjs, PHP and our clients have given us the title of the best Software development and android app development company in India! We sign legal agreements with you from non-disclosure to intellectual property transfer to give you full control. We are a budget-friendly App development company and certainly the best web development company too!


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APP Palmistry & Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Reading. In this app we provide live reading through Palmistry and Astrology. Detailed life reading covering all life areas along with age timings and guidance will be provided. Jyothish Shastra is unique and Kundali Hast Samudrik Knowledge is very authentic. Unlike other scan type apps we provide authentic live reading which is unique for the person and not computer generated. Age timing of events is done precisely. Palmistry and Astrology Combined together is powerfull approach. Detailed analysis on kundali divisional charts done. Vedic Palmistry is termed Hast Samudrikam in Sanskrit

Work For Unemployment

APP We are workers engagement agency with ambition of that not a single worker to be unemployed who wants to do some work. We provide skilled , unskilled industrial workers for construction, production, manufacturing companies and small medium large contractors. We are bridging the Gap between contractors and workers to have modern digital India platform for workers across India. From Kanyakumari to Ladakh we arrange workers on short demand and with standard wages. This startup is owned by experienced professionals in the industry. We provide daily wages workers information to small medium and big contractors We provide skilled and unskilled workers information to companies and organizations who can engage them to their subcontractors or muster rolls.


school Management Syetem

Connect Workers

Connect Job WORKERS is a job search app perfect for foreigners who are looking for a job to work in Special Skilled Workers (Tokutei Ginou) in 14 industries, matching skilled foreign workers to Japanese companies which are hiring full-time jobs with full benefits. This app is designed for EASY to use for foreign job seekers. More than 100+ Job opportunities are available in the Connect Job WORKERS platform! It’s time for you to stay and work in in Japan with Tokutei Ginou / SSW Visa. Find the job you are interested in, click APPLY and you are set to get the opportunity to get your next job in Japan!

Pind Baluchi Express

Known across the country for its delectable Frontier, Punjabi & Lucknowi food, PIND BALLUCHI is a name that spells exhilaration and satisfaction. With over two decades of journey in the hospitality industry, the brand has made a mark for itself. Owning 5+ National Awards to its credit & 40+ Restaurants in over 15 states, PIND BALLUCHI surely leaves an everlasting impression on one’s mind and heart whenever one steps in. PIND BALLUCHI is the ideal place to satiate all your North Indian food cravings and transport you into the quintessential Pind of Punjab. The experience starts from the entrance itself where effigy of traditionally attired Sardar Ji is sitting on a Manji (traditional cot) and Durban (a janitor) in a typical Punjabi dress welcomes you with a ‘Sat Sri Akal’. The traditional entrance doors, jharokhas, wooden chairs and lanterns add on to the entire village set up along with the waiters of the restaurant who are attired in a traditional uniform


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